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Best Photos Of The Week From National Geographic (1)

Posted by shreeshreethakur on February 11, 2013


lovely dinosaur

Strong enough to hold on to life …

Photo and caption by mehmet karaca

Photo location: Kahramanmaras, Turkey



A saw-scaled viper, one of the snake species responsible for the most snakebites and death in the word, effortlessly glides across the sand of Rajasthan’s Thar Desert in a typical sidewinding locomotion.
photo location

Photo and caption by Mark Mueller
Photo location: Thar Desert, Rajasthan, India

Looking to the North

Looking to the North

A Carayá´s monkey on a tree looking to the north.

Photo and caption by Mario Tizón
Photo location:Cordoba-Argentina

Neon River

Neon River

A shot i had planned for 3 years. It required the waterfall to be open midwinter, the icecover below the waterfall had to be solid enough to walk on and finally the aurora had to appear in the right direction. Each ingredient happens very rare. On this evening everything fell into place.

Photo and caption by Arild Heitmann

Photo location: Tennevik River, Troms, Norway
Sunrise "Bastei" sandstone mountains

Sunrise “Bastei” sandstone mountains

Sunrise from the “Bastei”, its was the first sunny day in our country on this year (2012). The “Bastei” is a rock in our sandstone mountains – Saxony – Germany
Photo and caption by Jens Elste
Photo location: Saxony Germany sandstone mountains



I’ve always wondered if a “plague of locusts” could block out the sun. They come close
Photo and caption by Anthony Mercer
Photo location: Central Madagascar



These are tentacles from a freshwater mollusks know as Bryozoa (Moss animal), which is very similar as soft coral in the sea. However, they are different species. They are aquatic colonial animals as well which grow on the rocks, branches, and leafs under the water. Although the freshwater moss animal is humble, the unique structure and transparent organism make they looks fancy and exotic in the micro-world. Due to unable to photo under the muddy water by MP-E lens, this photo was taken in a Observation box.
Photo and caption by Yuanqi Wu
Photo location: Tai Lake, Suzhou, China

Hello World

Hello World

A tiny mantis larva in an american poppy flower

Photo and caption by Fabien BRAVIN
Photo location: My garden – Toulouse – France

Bold Ram

Bold Ram

This rocky mountain big horn sheep ram was bold enough to allow me to approach him and snap this shot before he lost interested in me and rejoined his herd.

Photo and caption by Scott Trageser
Photo location: Banff, Alberta, Canada

Across The Bay

Across The Bay

Morning view at Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, MD

Photo and caption by Mike Carter
Photo location: Cambridge, MD

Brother in arms

Brother in arms


Photo and caption by Ahmet Özkan
Photo location: Istanbul/Turkey

hunting at dusk

hunting at dusk

A wild barn owl hunting over the Norfolk reeds, the evening light lit up the owl and the reeds to give them both the same colour and warmth.

Photo and caption by Mark Bridger

Photo location: Norfolk, UK

Nature's Arch

Nature’s Arch

This is a reed at vermilion lakes of Banff national park. The sunrise is melting down its frost and I love to watch the remote mountains through underneath the “arch”.

Photo and caption by Victor Liu
Photo location: Vermilion lakes, Banff, AB, Canada


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