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Creative and Unusual Headphones

Posted by nextappsource on October 30, 2011

Headphones with Camera

Andy Kurovets & Kris Dekeijse’s unnamed design has a hidden camera behind the gem in the middle of the earphones.

Ultimate Earphones

These cool earphones come with an amazing 6 drivers in each earbud. Just imagine the quality of music that you might get with these pairs of headphones!

Zipper Earphones

Simply unzip your earphones when you want to use them, and afterwards, zip them back up for storage.

Ripple Headset

This unique headset clips onto your earlobe rather than being suspended over your ear. This allows it to have a clean minimal style.

Thriller Headphones

Graveyard Shift headset designed by Johnny Lighthands, inspired by Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

Semicircle Headphones

Wearing headphones or earbuds can block out too much of the world sometimes and cause accidents. Semi-Circle Headphones make it so you can listen to music without blocking out background noise.

DEOS Diamond Earphones

Titanium earphones encrusted with coloured diamonds using the latest in casting technology, can cost between $4,500 to $60,000 a pair.

I’m Flying Headset

Unique headset design by Rodshakur, inspired by R Kelly’s track I Believe I Can Fly.

M&M Earbuds

M&M’s stereo earbuds by Maxell deliver sweet sounds to your ears. The signature M and round shape of the earbuds emulate the candy everyone knows and loves.

Transformers Headphones

Creative headphones from Japan can be transformed into a robot.

Wooden Headphones

Unusual headphones made out of nine layers of varnished plywood.

Robot Rock Headset

Headset by G Smith, inspired by Daft Punk track Robot Rock.

Solar Powered Headphones

One hour of sunlight should provide more than 2.67 hours of running time for the headphones when operating on maximum volume.

Magnetic Earphones

Thanko’s Sounds Live magnetic earphones, like earrings, just have to be clipped to an earlobe.

Pieces of Jewelry Earphones

Beautiful “pieces of jewelry” earphones from Russia go well with the exquisite clothes that you wear.

Steampunk Headset

Chris from Chicago is the creator behind this cool looking piece of art named “mechanical aural communication device”.

Blinx LED Headphones

Both earbuds and the In-Line battery module contains 3 blue sound responsive LED lights which pulse in tune to your favourite music.

Cat Ear Earphone

Interlocking Earphones

Concept design by Yoonsang Kim from South Korea allows you to interlock earphones behind your neck when they are not in use.

Coconut Headphone

Headphones made using just a coconut husks.

OtterBox Headphones

These waterproof headphones can be used even in the rain or while swimming.

Kawaii’s Angel Vs Devil Headphones

Earphone Earrings

These cool earphones combine in-ear technology with a clip-on earring.

Teknines 18k Gold Earbuds

These unusual shaped earphones are plated in 18k yellow gold.

Flower shaped Earbuds

It combines an MP3 player and retractable headphones into a unusual shape.

Babble Headsets

Tidy Earphones

This earphone concept is by Jaehyung. It keeps things tidy by arranging the cables to run through a small plastic lanyard that has integrated controls.

Clipset – Bluetooth Headset

This unique headset has two buttons for volume control and one power button that is also used to answer incoming calls.

Mood Sunglasses Headphones

Designer Akin Bacioglu, it has a bluetooth headset, player and sunglasses all rolled into one.

Transparent Headphones

This allows one to custom design a lighting show or patterns.

Aurvana Air Earphones

Its ear-hook design is intuitive and easy to wear, provides extreme comfort in extended use.


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